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     1= Registering to use DeterLab = 
     3== Who may apply for a DETER project or request a user account? == 
     5Researchers from academia, government, and industry -- as well as educators from academic institutions -- may apply for a DeterLab project account. A student must have their professor or appropriate faculty member apply for an account, and once it is activated the student can then apply for membership to that project. 
     7'''Note''': For more information on using DeterLab for education, please refer to the  [ DeterLab Education Site]. 
     9== To Register == 
     10DETER accounts are grouped by projects, therefore the project leader or PI must first request a project, then other users apply for membership to that project. 
     12'''Note''': If you already have a DeterLab account, please login in first. This will help streamline the process. 
     14=== Requesting a New Project === 
     16* If you are a PI, project leader or instructor who wants to request a new project on DeterLab, fill out the [ New Project Application Form]. 
     17     * You will be asked a number of questions about your project and how you intend to use DETER. Please be detailed, especially with respect to any possible risks from your experiment. A DETER staff member may contact you to discuss or clarify any potential issues. 
     18     * The project leader is responsible for ensuring that the project adheres to the Project Plan included in the application form. 
     19     * Instructors should indicate this project is for educational purposes. Once the project is created, you will receive further instructions including how to create accounts for your students. 
     20* Upon submission, your application must be approved by the DETER Executive Committee; this generally takes a few days. They may contact you and ask for clarification.  
     21* You will receive an email notification upon approval and your user account will be active. You may log in with the username and password you entered on the form. 
     22* If you are curious about the progress on your application, you may [ contact us]. 
     24=== Getting a User Account to Join an Existing Project === 
     26* If you are a team member who needs to join an existing project, submit the [ Apply for Project Membership Form].  
     27* The project leader will be informed via email of your request and will be required to log in to approve your account. 
     29== Note to Students == 
     31* If you are a student who wants to use DeterLab for your own research: 
     32     * A faculty sponsor must first fill out the [ New Project Application Form]. 
     33     * Once this has been done, the sponsor will instruct you to [ apply for project membership] which will create your DeterLab account. You must obtain the name of the DeterLab project from your sponsor to correctly fill out the form. 
     34* If you are a student taking a class that uses DeterLab: 
     35     * You do not need to take any action – your instructor will create accounts and assign them to students. 
     37== Getting Help == 
     39If you run into trouble, please [ contact us] and we will be happy to assist.